Texas A&M Social Media Standardization
Texas A&M University has 300+ university-affiliated social media accounts managed by 50+ communicators.
The challenge we found is that many accounts needed oversight, most communicators felt overwhelmed and underequipped, and our central team had infrequent communication with social communicators.
I spearheaded the solution to unify teams, equip communicators, and create resources and policies for security, consistency, and success. Over the past year, I've designed and implemented many new policies to safeguard accounts and protect the brand. I have also created guidelines and best practices, a collaborative content calendar, bi-weekly and monthly meetings with communicators, a new communicator communication structure, and other resources to equip colleagues to be their best.  
Through this process, I've taken feedback from colleagues, sought advice from marketers at other universities, and implemented an entirely new structure to strengthen Texas A&M's social media at all levels. ​​​​​​​
Beyond Texas
I was instrumental in the creation of Texas A&M's Beyond Texas campaign. From ideation to creating content around the world to implementation, I led in this project's telling of what Texas A&M, its students, and its alumni are doing worldwide.
No aggie stands alone
Mental health was at the top of many people's minds in 2023. Because of this, I saw the need to empower and destigmatize the discussion of mental health and counseling at Texas A&M. Through this campaign, our team equips students, employees, and the community to care for themselves, their loved ones, and their community.
I created a university-wide comms plan, wrote copy for social media, graphics, and the website, coordinated the production of campaign videos, and more.
Reveille X's Instagram
In 2021, with the retirement of Texas A&M mascot Reveille IX and the introduction of Reveille X, our team decided to expand Reveille's social media presence beyond just Twitter. 
We planned to engage a younger, Texas A&M-focused demographic through high-quality photos and content on Instagram. We developed a unique voice and tone for Reveille X to use on Twitter and Instagram and began building up a stockpile of photos and content to launch the new Instagram account.
Now, two years into the project, Reveille has amassed more than 50,000 followers and a remarkably high engagement rate on her posts. 
Her unique voice, relevant posts, and quality content make her account one of the best mascot accounts on the platform.
Texas A&M Crisis Communications
When working for a university or a major brand, a marketer or communicator should always be prepared for an emergency or crisis.
To be prepared for anything that could happen, I led the charge to prepare our team, protect our community, and empower our team to be vigilant for an emergency by collaborating with emergency management, creating copy and imagery, and training with FEMA.
By developing relationships with emergency management and professionals around the university and community, our team is ready to anticipate and react to anything that could go wrong. This preparation helps us respond effectively to the smallest crisis and protect those we represent through social media.

Texas A&M/H-E-B partnership
Beginning in 2021, Texas A&M and H-E-B, two iconic Texas brands, partnered to promote the grocery store to students and the local community through digital media. As the university's primary contact with H-E-B, I created comms plans, guided content creation, and coordinated the organic and paid social media on behalf of the brands.
Examples of posts:
Texas A&M/Whataburger partnership
To celebrate the start of finals and the end of the semester, our social media team partnered with a beloved Texas brand, Whataburger, to give away "Whataboxes" through a unique social media scavenger hunt!
This scavenger hunt was unique in that we included a dozen of the largest accounts across campus to specifically target a diverse collection of communities at Texas A&M to ensure the largest amount of students felt included and could participate.
Example of posts:

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